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Our 1:1 consultations take place over secure video calls (telehealth), or over the telephone if preferred.

We offer packages of 2 or 3 appointments to give you a cost saving

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Initial appointment

Your first session is 60 minutes in duration (unless otherwise specified). 

In this time, your dietitian will assess your medical background including any medications and supplements you’re currently taking. They will also discuss your activity levels, dietary habits and other lifestyle considerations.

This holistic approach allows us to offer a tailored service that addresses your individual requirements so that we can work towards your specific goals. 
If appropriate, your dietitian may recommend certain blood and/or stool tests based on your assessment. These can be arranged through your GP or privately. For blood tests we use NHS approved labs (we’re a Thriva practitioner).

Follow-up appointments

Follow-up, or review appointments are generally recommended within 2-6 weeks of the initial appointment depending on your circumstances.

These are 30 minutes in duration (unless otherwise specified) and are a chance for your dietitian to check on your progress as well as provide further advice and information to help you achieve your health goals.

If you’ve had any blood and/or stool tests your dietitian will discuss your results with you and provide personalised recommendations based on these results.

After your appointment(s)

After each of your appointments you will receive a detailed report summarising your discussion and the dietitian’s recommendations.

If necessary you will also be provided with supporting materials and/or signposted to further useful resources.

Sometimes, and only with your consent, we write to your GP or another Allied Healthcare Professional with recommendations or a report to keep them updated

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