Navigate Breast Cancer Together: Online Group Workshop

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Having worked closely with breast cancer clients over the years, we’ve heard your most common questions and concerns. In response, we’ve created a dedicated 1.5-hour cancer nutrition group session tailored just for you. This supportive online group setting not only offers cost-effective support but also enables us to assist more individuals simultaneously, providing you with greater confidence in your dietary choices.

  • Location: online
  • Date: Friday 28th June 2024
  • Time: 11am-12:30pm

Taking Control of Your Diet After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

After receiving a breast cancer diagnosis, it’s natural to seek ways to optimise your diet. In a time when so much may feel out of your control, your diet remains one aspect where you can make positive choices.

The internet is abuzz with claims about certain foods and their potential impact on cancer. Navigating this space can be overwhelming and these conflicting messages can lead to confusion and anxiety about what to eat. This is where we come in, bringing you the latest evidence on a wide range of topics to give you the confidence to make your food choices.

Connecting and Sharing

We’ll start the session by introducing ourselves, fostering a welcoming atmosphere. Getting to know one another can make it easier to ask questions and share experiences. You have the freedom to participate as much or as little as you’re comfortable with; some choose to listen without contributing, and that’s perfectly fine.

Addressing Your Concerns

The first half of the session will focus on addressing some of the most frequently asked questions, including topics such as sugar, dairy, soya, meat, ketogenic diets, and fasting. We’ll guide you through practical and easily implementable strategies to optimise your diet while living with cancer. Additionally, we’ll cover essential nutrients and discuss the potential benefits of supplements.

Your Voice Matters

The second half of the session is dedicated to your questions and experiences. If you have a list of burning questions, we encourage you to send them in advance. This way, we can ensure that we cover everything you’re seeking answers to.

Your Post-Session Resources

Following the session, you’ll gain access to a summary slide deck, providing you with a handy reference guide. As an extra benefit, you’ll receive a personal discount code for any future one-to-one sessions with us, should you need them. You’ll also have access to our exclusive product discounts. That’s not all – continue the conversation and support in our dedicated Facebook Group where our community thrives and your journey can continue beyond the session.

Affordable Support, Tailored for You

We understand the importance of affordability, which is why we’ve priced this session at £79 — a nearly 50% saving compared to a private one-to-one consultation.

Join us in this empowering cancer nutrition group session designed to equip you with knowledge, confidence, and a renewed sense of control over your dietary choices. Together, we can navigate this journey towards optimal well-being.

If you’d prefer to have 1:1 advice, or if you’re struggling with specific symptoms, we have 3 highly experienced cancer dietitians on our team ready to support you. You can book your appointment here.


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