What can a cancer dietitian help with?

A cancer dietitian is someone who has specialist training and skills to look after people with cancer.

They can provide you with the answers to questions you may have surrounding diet and cancer, as well as support you with any problems you may be experiencing with your eating.

Cancer dietitians provide evidence-based advice as well as practical tips to help manage any side effects from cancer treatment.

They will also assess your nutritional requirements and provide specific meals and snack ideas that help you meet your requirements, based on your personal preferences.

How does a cancer dietitian work?

Your cancer dietitian will work with you to assess what nutrition advice or support is needed at each stage of your care.

Often, and only with your consent, your cancer dietitian will liaise with your GP, oncologist (and other consultants), nurses and other healthcare professionals to provide a multidisciplinary approach to looking after your needs.

They will have a conversation with you to establish your current eating patterns and preferences

Can cancer be treated with diet?

Whilst diet can play a key role in maintaining someone’s nutritional status, there’s no scientific evidence that a particular diet can cure cancer.

If someone is offering you a diet plan that relies on multiple supplements and/or lots of dietary restrictions, then we would be wary about taking advice from them. Always check the credentials of the person offering you nutritional advice. If in doubt, seek the support of a registered dietitian who has specialist knowledge in cancer nutrition.

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